La Mer introduces male skin care line essentials

The premium product range of  Estée Lauder – La Mer –  is aiming to maximise its appeal in the male skin care market with the launch of a new set of Skin Care Essentials. Coming in a sleek black case – The La Mer Skin Care Essentials men’s kit comes with a Cleansing Gel,  a Tonic, a Moisturising Gel Cream, a Lip Balm and an Eye Balm. Having only recently specifically targeted the male grooming market, La Mer is setting its stall with this premium range in an ever growing and competitive sector.

Why would I bother with HD make-up?

Perhaps as a sub-heading – what is HD make-up anyway? Recently Latest Beauty Secrets had a look at make-up for photographs and whilst that is perfect for a special occasion – on a night out – or just your average day, well that just isn’t going to work, as you will neither have the time nor inclination. But you know how someone is always taking photographs’ on their mobile anyway? HD make-up is perfect for those occasions. Particularly on a night out, lunchtime get together or a visit to friends or family, when almost inevitably someone will whip out an HD phone for a picture or ten and the next thing you know it is up on one or other social media site or other with you and a look you just don’t recognize. HD make-up is the perfect make-up secret as it contains light deflecting ingredients such as silica Continue reading

Combination skin care

Combination Skin is particularly difficult to work with around the T-Zone as it is here the oils are primarily in evidence, yet the cheeks can often feel dry. So how to deal with skincare for Combination skin?   Many anti-ageing products focus predominately with dry skin, which has the greatest propensity to age more rapidly and tend to have a higher oil content to target this concern. With combination the secret is to find something that will not only add fluids to the skin, but will also not leave the T-Zone looking shiny. The key for combination skin is moisturisation. It isn’t just oils that add the skincare protection, the other key is to ensure that the moisture levels are kept replenished and a good quality moisturiser is the primary focus for combination skin types. In oily skin the sebum duct releases excess oil, dry skin does the opposite and Continue reading

Five Tips for managing fine hair

Five Tips for managing fine hair Texture  Adding layers to your hair will provide texture and the appearance of depth. Layers should be cut to match your hair-length, the shorter the hair, the shorter the layers. Volume A relatively easy method (depending on your flexibility is when drying your hair. a)     Turn your head upside down and use fingers or a vent brush to add volume to the whole head, apply a tiny amount of serum or spay – too much product and your hair will be weighed down. b)     To add volume at the roots, lift your hair as you dry and use a round or paddle bush, whilst using a small amount of spray to hold the volume as you brush. c)     If you have fine curly hair – Turn your head upside down and use a diffuser, then scrunch in a curl amplifier, again small amounts of Continue reading

8 tips for Flawless looks for photographs and occasions

Hot Make-up Secrets 8 tips to create Flawless looks for photographs and occasions. 1.Without doubt the most important starting point is to take care of your skin and our section on Face care is a great place to start with helpful tips and relevant products. 2. Primer A good primer achieves three objectives – one is to prepare the face for the make-up, providing a flawless canvass and the second is that is allows the make-up to last longer thirdly the make-up will blend far better, helping to provide that flawless look. 3. Concealer Careful application of concealer around the eyes will ensure a natural look without those oh so frequent dark circles from which we all suffer. The trick with concealer is ‘less is more’ and the best shade to work with is one that is a tone lighter than your natural skin colour. 4. Bronzer – again the trick here Continue reading

Kate Moss joins Kérastase For New Couture Styling Collection

Kate Moss joins Kérastase For New Couture Styling Collection with a series of adverts due for release in May 2013 and the new collection hitting the shelves in June 2013. Behind the scenes video of the Photoshoot – Join Latest Beauty Secrets on Facebook for the latest news in the beauty industry.

Hues of pink and red for the lips

This season the fashionable and on trend colours are of pink and red hues. Tom Ford officially release their latest lip colour palette later this month. If it doesn’t have hints of pinks – it just won’t be with it for Spring 2013 as we all aim to put the dark shadows of the past few years of austerity behind us to concentrate on looking refreshed and raring to go for the year ahead. These colours were seen in Los Angeles right at the start of the year and where Los Angeles goes, so the world of fashion travels. Join our brand new Latest Beauty Secrets on Facebook page for more thoughts, tips and ideas on looking and feeling good.

Nail colours for Valentines Day

With Valentine ’s Day just around the corner here are five of the best nail colour secrets for jazzing up the look.   The obvious contender is a Ravishing Red with the romantic connotations of the day.     Pretty Pink is a more feminine and flirtatious look and completely on trend this year.     Water Marble Nails are achingly fashionable right now and perfect for the 14th February, but do need a steady hand. You will need a cup of room temperature water, pink, purple and red nail polishes, tape and toothpicks. Cover the cuticles and round the edges of the nails with tape and add a couple of drops of pink polish in to the water, let it spread, then add a drop of purple in to the middle of the pink, let that spread and then add a drop of red to the middle of the Continue reading

Latest Beauty Secrets Returns

After a break of a few years – Latest Beauty Secrets is delighted to announce the return  of the home of the latest news and views from the Beauty Industry. This site was set up with an inspiring co-founder Julie Norbury – who now features in our brand new logo. Sadly Julie died in late 2011 and it is with thanks to her drive and determination that the website returns – enlivened and invigorated in her memory – to bring you the latest news, views, trends and science in the beauty industry. Drawing on our network across the globe Latest Beauty Secrets will keep you up to date with the latest happenings, colours and styles along with products in the pipeline. Thank you for bearing with us for the past few years. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new Facebook Page, where I hope you Continue reading